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For Q-Chem Developers & Dealers Only

Welcome to our developers and dealers! This menu contains links to pages that are created to support and assist you as a Q-Chem Developer. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve this area or any additional support that would be of assistance to you by contacting us at office@q-chem.com.



Our marketing webpage contains various links to promotion material for Q-Chem. You will find:

  • links to both online version of our brochures and pamphlets for sending to colleagues via e-mail, as well brochures and pamphlets that are printable versions.
  • links to a printable price sheet
  • a link to promotional products with the Q-Chem logo which you can purchase

Visit our Marketing Webpage by clicking here.



We have arranged for several discounts which are available for use by any of the developers and dealers who work with our company. Our Discount page gives links and explanations on how to access these discounts. You can visit the page by clicking here.



We are proud of our developer's accomplishments and we would like to share them with our website and Facebook visitors. We ask that you, as one of our developers, drop us a line to let us know of any awards that you have received or publications that you have made. We love to let our users know what our developers are up to. You can keep us up to date by contacting us here.

To see the what Q-Chem Developers have been up to, click here.