Emil Proynov, Ph.D.



Dr. Emil Proynov obtained his Ph.D degree of Chemistry from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. His Ph.D research was in the field of theory of heterogeneous catalysis. In 1991 he took a postdoctoral research position in the laboratory of Professor Dennis Salahub in Montreal University. He remained in his group as a research fellow untill the end of 1998. He specialized there in density functional theory, fundamental aspects and applications. His main research topic was the development of new nonlocal density functionals for correlation. Dr  Proynov contributed to the development of one of the first ‘meta-GGA’ correlation functional published in 1994. Developing new efficient density functional theory algorithms was one of his main research topics over the years.

Selected Scientific Publications of Dr Emil Proynov

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Citation index: about 1280 citations in recognized journals and books by February 2012.