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Running Q-Chem on Amazon EC2

Q-Chem provides a ready-to-deploy Amazon Machine Image (AMI) based on Amazon Linux 2 with the Q-Chem software already installed and configured to use the central licensing server maintained by us. There are no additional charges associated with using this AMI beyond what Amazon charges for the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. This is the recommended way for current Q-Chem customers to run Q-Chem on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) since it saves the time to install and configure Q-Chem on EC2.

Note on privacy: The Q-Chem AMI is set up to communicate with our central licensing facility by checking out a license each time a Q-Chem job is executed. While this allows us to identify each job execution for licensing purposes, no job-specific information is communicated.

To try Q-Chem on Amazon EC2, follow the steps in our guide.

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