Pavel Pokhilko - Winner of the 2020 Michael Wormit Award

July 1st, 2020

This year's 2020 Michael Wormit Award has been awarded to two Q-Chem developers, Pavel Pokhilko and Yuezhi Mao. 

Pavel Pokhilko

Congratulations to the 2020 Michael Wormit Award winner, Pavel Pokhilko. Dr. Pokhilko has made substantial contributions to the base Q-Chem code and has been actively engaged in the developer community.  He has helped less-experienced developers to navigate Q-Chem infrastructure and the ccman2 code in particular, including outside collaborations in the groups of Profs. Sonia Coriani, Paul Zimmerman and David Casanova.  Pavel has also been diligent in finding, documenting, and fixing bugs.

The Michael Wormit Award was established in 2016 to recognize excellence in the development of new methods and algorithms in electronic structure theory and the implementation of these methods in state-of-the-art software within the Q-Chem Open-Teamware community project.

Congratulations, Pavel Pokhilko!