Q-Chem 5.4.1 Has Been Released!

August 16th, 2021

Q-Chem 5.4.1 has just been released.

Q-Chem 5.4 logo over a cube-shaped lattice structure

Q-Chem is pleased to announce the release of Q-Chem 5.4.1! This provides many improvements to our most recent release, including some new features. A comprehensive list of improvements, resolved issues, and updates can be found in the Q-Chem 5.4 release log.

Any of our customers who have purchased Q-Chem 5.4 can upgrade to 5.4.1 for free. Upgrade your copy of Q-Chem here!

If you do not have license for Q-Chem 5.4, give us a try! You can request a free trial license now.