Q-Chem Welcomes Two New Board Members

August 3rd, 2022

New Q-Chem board members Joonho Lee and Yuezhi Mao

We are delighted to welcome two new members to the Q-Chem board, Dr. Yuezhi Mao and Dr. Joonho Lee. Yuezhi and Joonho are well-known to the Q-Chem developer community for their extensive contributions to Q-Chem code and infrastructure, which were recognized by the 2020 and 2019 Michael Wormit Awards.

Yuezhi received his B.Sc. in Materials Chemistry from Peking University in 2012, then moved to Berkeley to study with Prof. Martin Head-Gordon, completing a Ph.D. degree in 2017. He then worked as a postdoctoral scholar in the group of Prof. Tom Markland at Stanford University. This fall, Yuezhi starts his independent position as an Assistant Professor at the San Diego State University.

Joonho received B.Sc. degrees in Chemistry and Physics from Pohang University of Science & Technology in South Korea, in 2013, and a M.Sc. degree from CalTech in 2015. From 2015–2019 he worked in the research group of Prof. Martin Head-Gordon at Berkeley, and then as postdoctoral research associate in the group of Prof. David Reichman at Columbia University. Joonho will join Harvard as a faculty member in July 2023, and will then begin his duties as a board member.

Welcome aboard to both Yuezhi and Joonho!