Q-Chem Developer Debashree Ghosh Awarded 2022 Walter Kohn Prize

December 15th, 2022

Debashree Ghosh of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science has been awarded the 2022 Walter Kohn Prize.

Photo of Prof. Debashree Ghosh

Q-Chem is pleased to congratulate Debashree Ghosh on being awarded the 2022 Walter Kohn Prize! She is recognized for her groundbreaking achievements in applications and development of methods for strongly correlated materials and complex biological systems. Her ongoing research focuses on modeling photophysical processes, and her work has significantly advanced quantum chemists' ability to study these difficult systems. She is also a member of the Q-Chem developer community and has made many valuable contributions to our code base.

The Walter Kohn Prize, established in 2016 in honor of Walter Kohn, recognizes significant advances in quantum mechanical materials modeling made by young scientists. For more details, and the official news release from ICTP, click here.

Congratulations, Debashree!