Anna Krylov is Awarded the 2020 Earle K. Plyler Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy & Dynamics

September 30, 2019
Anna Krylov Picture

Congratulations to Q-Chem President and developer, Anna Krylov, on being awarded the 2020 Earle K. Plyler Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy & Dynamics "For her innovative work developing high accuracy electronic structure theory to inspire interpretation of spectroscopy of radicals, excited states, and ionization resonances in small molecules, biomolecules, and condensed phase solutes."

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Q-Chem Has a New President

September 30, 2019
Peter and Anna working at Berkeley Developer workshop.

We are proud to announce that our board member/developer, Prof. Anna Krylov, has taken the reins as President of Q-Chem. We look forward to much growth and prosperity under her wise leadership!

We would also like to take this time to send out our immense appreciation to our former President, Prof. Peter Gill, for all of his years of excellent service and leadership.

We feel so lucky and honored to have such an amazing team here at Q-Chem. There is none better.

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Thomas Jagau Receives European Research Council Starting Grant

September 30, 2019
Chem Unbound Electrons

Congratulations to Q-Chem developer, Thomas Jagau, of the University of Munich, Germany, who has landed a European Research Council 2019 Starting Grant

Starting Grants are awarded to early-career researchers of any nationality with two to seven years of experience following completion of their PhD and having a scientific track record that shows great promise. Their research must be conducted in a public or… Read More

Thomas Jagau Awarded the Hellmann-Award

September 26, 2019
Thomas Jagau -Hellmann-Prize

Congratulations to Q-Chem developer, Thomas Jagau, on being awarded the Hans G. A. Hellmann-Prize for Theoretical Chemistry for young German-speaking theoretical chemists!

This award commemorates a pioneer of Quantum Chemistry, Hans G. A. Hellmann (1903 - 1938).  It is periodically awarded to promising young German theoretical chemists to honor their accomplishments.



Prof. Shirin Faraji Joins the Q-Chem Board of Directors

July 27, 2019
Shirin Faraji pic

Q-Chem is proud to announce our newest board member, Dr. Shirin Faraji of the University of Groningen.

Welcome, Shirin!

Prof. Martin Head-Gordon elected to Royal Society of the UK

June 7, 2019
Royal Academy of Science

Congratulations to Q-Chem Advisor and developer, Prof. Martin Head-Gordon, of the University of California at Berkeley, on being elected to the extremely prestigious Royal Society of the UK.   

Posted citation reads, "Head-Gordon has advanced quantum chemistry in three critical components - theory, algorithms, and software. This includes major advances in foundational quantum mechanical wavefunction methods, practical density functional theory and the interpretation of quantum… Read More

Publication by Q-Chem Developers: "Feshbach-Fano Approach for Calculation of Auger Decay Rates Using Equation-of-Motion Coupled-Cluster Wave Functions: Theory and Implementation"

November 15, 2020
Types of Auger effects

Congratulations to Wojciech Skomorowski and Anna I. Krylov on their new theory for calculating Auger decay rates using equation-of-motion coupled-cluster wave-functions, "Feshbach-Fano approach for the calculation of Auger decay rates using equation-of-motion coupled-cluster wave functions: Theory and implementation"

Skomorowski, Wojciech; Krylov, Anna (2020): Feshbach-Fano Approach for Calculation of Auger Decay Rates Using Equation-of-Motion Coupled-Cluster Wave Functions: Theory… Read More

Yuezhi Mao - Winner of the 2020 Michael Wormit Award

July 1, 2020
Dr. Yuezhi Mao

Congratulations to the 2020 Michael Wormit Award winner, Yuezhi Mao.  Dr. Mao is recognized for his unparalleled work on Q-Chem's infrastructure, his commitment to code maintenance, his selfless assistance to other Q-Chem developers, as well as for his important technical contributions.

The Michael Wormit Award was established in 2016 to recognize excellence in the development of new methods and algorithms in electronic structure theory and the… Read More

Pavel Pokhilko - Winner of the 2020 Michael Wormit Award

July 1, 2020
Pavel Pokhilko

Congratulations to the 2020 Michael Wormit Award winner, Pavel Pokhilko. Dr. Pokhilko has made substantial contributions to the base Q-Chem code and has been actively engaged in the developer community.  He has helped less-experienced developers to navigate Q-Chem infrastructure and the ccman2 code in particular, including outside collaborations in the groups of Profs.… Read More

Introducing Q-Chem 5.3!

June 18, 2020
Q-Chem 5.3 logo


We are pleased to announced our latest release:  Q-Chem 5.3!  Its improved performance means that your computational work will run more efficiently so you can be more productive.

• Support for meta-GGA density functionals for TDDFT analytic forces and frequencies (with contributions by Narbe Mardirossian)
• Suite of tools for simulating X-ray spectroscopy (XPS, XAS, XES, and RIXS): delta-… Read More

Prof. Joseph Subotnik Elected APS Fellow

May 1, 2020
Prof. Joe Subotnik

Congratulations to Q-Chem developer, Prof. Joseph Subotnik of the University of Pennsylvania, who has been elected 2020 Read More

Joonho Lee Awarded the 2020 Justin Jankunas Doctoral Dissertation Award

April 15, 2020
Joonho Lee

Dr. Joonho Lee earned his B.S. in chemistry and physics in 2013 from Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea. He then moved… Read More

Prof. Martin Head-Gordon Wins the 2020 Schrödinger Medal of WATOC!

February 15, 2020
Prof. Martin Head-Gordon

Q-Chem developer and Scientific Advisor, Martin Head-Gordon, has been informed that he is to receive the 2020 … Read More

John Herbert - Recipient of 2020 Edward W. Morley Award

January 27, 2020
Morley Medal image

Congratulations to Q-Chem developer and Board Member, John Herbert, who is the recipient of the 2020 Edward W… Read More

Q-Chem is Hiring

November 1, 2019
Q-Chem Chemists


Research Associate in Computational Chemistry:

Q-Chem, Inc., is seeking a… Read More