QMP: The Most Economical Way to Keep Q-Chem Up-To-Date


Save more than half of the usual upgrade price with QMP!

What is QMP?

Q-Chem's QMP subscription plan is a cost-effective, comprehensive program that allows your research group to keep up with the latest Q-Chem developments. Q-Chem has more than 200 developers at over 20 leading universities throughout the world who are committed to keeping the software updated with the most recent developments in theoretical chemistry culminating in an annual new version release each year in the late Spring/early Summer. QMP subscribers receive our standard email support and bug fix releases during the protection period, as well as the next major upgrade issued every year. QMP is optionally renewable each year on the anniversary of the original license purchase.

Lock in current prices by purchasing multiple years of QMP. For customers wishing to make long-range QMP plans, Generational QMP is available at the beginning of each major version cycle (i.e., Version 5.0, 6.0, etc.) By paying 90% of the currently listed license price, customers will be entitled to all upgrades through the end of that version generation (i.e. Versions 5.0 - 5.4).

Cost of Running Q-Chem Over Two Years

(Prices shown are for an Academic, single research group, unlimited core license.)

License Purchase $4,499.00 $4,499.00  
QMP Purchase ------ $1,259.00  
Next Version Upgrade $2,699.40 $0.00  
Two-Year Total Cost $7,198.40 $5,758.00 $1,440.40!