Q-Chem Webinar 1

Exploring Reaction Paths Using the Freezing String Method

Presented by Prof. Martin Head-Gordon on

Martin Head-Gordon is the Kenneth S. Pitzer Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley and the Scientific Advisor to Q-Chem, Inc. Dr. Head-Gordon's research group centers on the development of new electronic structure theory methods, and their implementation as efficient computer algorithms. He is recognized with many awards, such as the Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences (1998) and his election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2011), the American Chemical Society Fellow (2012), and most recently, the Schrödinger Medal of WATOC (2020).


Q-Chem hosts its first Webinar presentation made by Prof. Martin Head-Gordon of University of California at Berkeley. This month's topic: Exploring Reaction Paths Using the Freezing String Method. Presentation was made October 30, 2012.

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