2023 VWSCC Q-Chem Workshop

Q-Chem is pleased to have participated in the 2023 Virtual Winter School in Computational Chemistry, including a Q-Chem workshop! The 2023 VWSCC Q-Chem Workshop was held on February 9, 2023. The live sessions drew over 120 participants from across the globe, and many more were registered to attend asynchronously.

Videos of all lectures are available for viewing below. Lectures with an associated set of labs or exercises are denoted with an asterisk (*), and the exercise materials for each lecture can be found under the "Supporting Material" section on the lecture video page. It is highly recommended that you download IQmol if you intend to work through the exercises. All videos are reposted with permission from the VWSCC organizers.

Lecture Sessions

For questions, please post on the Q-Chem Talk Forum or contact our support team at support@q-chem.com.